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Adam Bomb

In May 1993, Adam Bomb was introduced to the World Wrestling Federation audience by Johnny Polo. Bomb's gimmick was that of a survivor of the infamous Three Mile Island incident. Four months after his debut, Harvey Wippleman replaced Polo as Bomb's manager. He went so far as to get a large "ADAM BOMB" tattoo on his left arm. After leaving the WWE, Adam had his Adam Bomb tattoo removed via laser removal. He has faint but noticeable scarring on this arm due to the tattoo removal.

Adam Bomb made his pay per view debut at Survivor Series '93, where he teamed up with Irwin R. Schyster, Diesel and Rick Martel against Razor Ramon, The 1-2-3 Kid, Marty Jannetty and Randy Savage in an elimination match. He was the last remaining wrestler from his team, being pinned by Jannetty after a roll-up. Jannetty and 1-2-3 Kid were the only survivors of their team.

Following this, he participated in the Royal Rumble in 1994, where he was the last entrant in the match. However, he lasted less than 5 minutes before being eliminated by Lex Luger. Following the Rumble and a feud with Earthquake, Bomb turned face after his manager Harvey Wippleman turned on him and helped his new client Kwang attack him. As a babyface, he would throw rubber "nuclear missiles" into the audience as he walked to the ring and after he won a match. After briefly feuding with Kwang and Bam Bam Bigelow, he was moved down the card and began competing exclusively on the show WWF Superstars of Wrestling, where he began to garner a fan base who he referred to as "The Bomb Squad". He left the promotion by August 1995. According to Triple H, he was fired after he turned his back during a spot where Henry Godwinn was supposed to "Slop" him. Bomb claims that he voluntarily left the company because he did not approve of the backstage politics of The Kliq, particularly Scott Hall.

Adam returned to the WWE on September 4, 2001, attacking and chokeslamming The Undertaker. Managed by Steven Richards, they faced the Brothers Of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane) at Unforgiven for the Tag Team Championship, but he and Brian Adams (Crush) were defeated. Due to the lackluster match, both were sent down to developmental territories to work off ring rust, but Adam refused to do so and was soon released from his contract.