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Celeste Beryl Bonin (October 7, 1986), better known by her ring name Kaitlyn, a American entrepreneur, bodybuilder, model, and professional wrestler who performed in NXT and WWE.

Bonin started her career as a body fitness model. In 2007, she won the National Physique Committee John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship, and came in fifth at the Arnold Classic in the NPC Figure Class D competition.

Professional wrestling career

On September 7, 2010, it was announced that Kaitlyn would join season three of NXT, with Vickie Guerrero as her pro. She was the replacement for Vickie's original rookie, Aloisia, whom Vickie fired in storyline. That week, she unsuccessfully competed in both a dance competition (where she performed moves like the robot and running man), and a Capture the Flag contest. The following week on the September 14 NXT, Kaitlyn made her in-ring debut, when she teamed up with Vickie's on-screen boyfriend Dolph Ziggler to defeat AJ and Primo in a mixed tag team match, and also won the obstacle course challenge. Kaitlyn made her first pay-per-view appearance at Night of Champions accompanying Ziggler with Vickie for Ziggler's WWE Intercontinental Championship match, until Vickie ordered her to leave ringside. On the September 21 NXT, Kaitlyn and LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool) lost to Kelly Kelly, Naomi, and Jamie in a six-Diva tag team match after Naomi pinned Kaitlyn, and ended the show after LayCool attacked her while Vickie berated her. That same week on the September 24 SmackDown, Kaitlyn and Vickie accompanied Ziggler to the ring for his match until Vickie again ordered Kaitlyn to leave ringside, leading to Kaitlyn pushing her over before leaving. On the September 28 NXT, Kaitlyn won a wheelbarrow race and lost a Diss the Diva challenge, which lead to Vickie entering the ring and insulting her until Kaitlyn challenged Vickie to a match, thus ending the show with the two brawling.

The next week on the October 5 NXT, Kaitlyn lost the Ride the Bull competition, won the Diva Talent Show by drawing an insulting picture of Vickie, and went on to main event the show winning her first singles match against Vickie. On the October 12 NXT, Kaitlyn lost the WWE Name that Tune challenge and the Power of the Punch challenge. The next week of NXT, Kaitlyn lost a match against Maxine, the WWE Who's that Body challenge, and the limbo contest. On the October 26 Halloween-themed NXT, Kaitlyn won a costume contest impersonating Vickie, and lost a Halloween Candy Eating competition due to her choking and then accidentally throwing up on Vickie. On the November 2 NXT, Kaitlyn and Ziggler were found kissing behind a wall, and when Vickie confronted them, Kaitlyn threw a cake, which was meant for Goldust and Aksana's wedding, into her face. On the November 5 SmackDown, Kaitlyn and Vickie faced each other in a rematch in which Vickie was victorious after her foot was on the ropes. On the November 9 NXT, Kaitlyn won an arm wrestling competition, and brawled again with Vickie backstage. The next week on the November 16 NXT, Kaitlyn was defeated by Naomi in singles competition, and was safe from elimination. On the November 30 NXT season finale, Kaitlyn defeated Naomi in a rematch, and was later announced as the winner of season three, defeating Naomi in the final to become WWE's Breakout Diva.

On the December 3 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn appeared in a backstage segment with Guerrero and Ziggler, announcing that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long had signed her to the brand following her victory on NXT. She had her first match on SmackDown on the January 28, 2011, episode, when she and Kelly Kelly were defeated by LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool). Kaitlyn later lost in singles competition against Layla on the March 11 episode of SmackDown.

On the May 27 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn would return to WWE television forming a tag team known as The Chickbusters with AJ, which led to their first match as a team being accompanied by their mentor Natalya against the team of Alicia Fox and Tamina in a losing effort. The Chickbusters would then lose a rematch to Alicia Fox and Tamina on the following week. On the June 13 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn would pick up her first win in a fourteen-Diva tag team match alongside fellow Chickbuster AJ, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, and Gail Kim against Alicia Fox, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Melina, Maryse, and The Bella Twins with Kelly Kelly pinning Rosa. Kaitlyn, AJ, and Natalya would continue to feud with Alicia Fox and Tamina, who were soon joined by Rosa Mendes on the June 23 episode of WWE Superstars in a six-Diva tag team match, with AJ pinning Alicia Fox. Kaitlyn would then compete in another fourteen-Diva tag team match in a winning effort after Beth Phoenix pinned Rosa Mendes. Kaitlyn would then compete in her first number one contender Diva battle royal for the WWE Divas Championship on the August 1 episode of Raw, which was ultimately won by Beth Phoenix.

On the August 5 episode of SmackDown, Chickbuster partner AJ lost a singles match to Natalya, who then turned heel on her protégé by attacking her in and out of the ring and declaring war on the "perky little princesses" that comprised the rest of the Divas division. The following week, Kaitlyn and AJ lost to The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) in a tag team match. Throughout the next few months, The Chickbusters continued to feud with the Divas of Doom, losing both singles and tag team matches to them. Kaitlyn then made her return to NXT on the October 19 episode of NXT Redemption being accompanied by fellow Chickbuster AJ in singles competition against Maxine in a winning effort via submission. Kaitlyn then had a short feud with Tamina after defeating her two weeks in a row on the October 26 and November 2 episodes of NXT Redemption. Also in November, tension began to be teased between The Chickbusters, with Kaitlyn displaying a villainous persona due to being upset at their repeated losses to The Divas of Doom.

On the December 9 episode of Smackdown, The Chickbusters were again defeated by The Divas of Doom in a tag team match. After the match, the evil Kaitlyn turned against AJ and joined the Divas of Doom. However, the match and Kaitlyn's villainous turn were cut from the broadcast.

On the February 1, 2012 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn would begin to feud with Maxine, who accused Kaitlyn of having a secret crush on Maxine's boyfriend Derrick Bateman. On the February 8 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn lost in singles competition to Maxine. After weeks of feuding with Maxine over whether the latter was good for Bateman, on the February 29 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn would confess her feelings for Bateman in an "intervention" segment also including Alicia Fox and Justin Gabriel where she would end up kissing Bateman before being interrupting and attacked by Maxine, and would later that night defeat Maxine in the main event. On the March 14 episode of NXT Redemption, after Kaitlyn and Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis and Maxine in a mixed tag team match, Bateman would afterwards kiss Kaitlyn, thus solidifying their relationship. On the March 21 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn and Bateman were backstage with Tamina talking about her and Bateman's new found relationship, and later would encounter Maxine and Curtis, who accused both Kaitlyn and Bateman of being involved with Matt Striker's random disappearance. Kaitlyn accompanied Bateman in a loss to Hunico on the March 28 episode of NXT Redemption. On the April 4 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn was defeated in singles competition by her former mentor Natalya, who was accompanied by Tyson Kidd on commentary. Kaitlyn and Bateman discovered Striker in a janitor's closet hidden by Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks on the April 11 episode of NXT Redemption. On the April 25 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn was backstage with Kidd and Percy Watson asking about Kidd's new submission maneuver, until Natalya approached them and accused Kaitlyn of flirting with Kidd, which led to a tag team match teaming with Tamina Snuka in a winning effort against Natalya and Maxine with Snuka pinning Maxine.

When Kaitlyn made her return to SmackDown on the April 27 episode, she was backstage comforting fellow Chickbuster AJ, until she slapped Kaitlyn and left her confused. Kaitlyn again attempted to comfort AJ the following week, but was again assaulted. On the May 11 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn was defeated by AJ in singles competition, who was afterwards visited by Daniel Bryan, stating that he was moving on from AJ and going after Kaitlyn. Two days later on Twitter, Kaitlyn announced that she was officially breaking up the Chickbusters.

Kaitlyn then reentered a feud with Maxine on the May 16 episode of NXT Redemption after she was victorious in singles competition against Maxine via submission. Two weeks later on the May 30 episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn successfully defeated Tamina in a singles match while Maxine observed on commentary, thus ending the feud. On the June 13 season finale episode of NXT Redemption, Kaitlyn's winning streak continued as she defeated her former mentor Natalya for the first time in singles competition.

On the June 25, 2012 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn made her televised return competing in the Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal, which was ultimately won by her former friend AJ. On the July 12 episode of WWE Superstars, Kaitlyn teamed with Alicia Fox in a winning effort against her rival Natalya and Beth Phoenix after Kaitlyn pinned Phoenix. Kaitlyn then went on to compete in her first pay-per-view match at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in a six-Diva tag team match along with Divas Champion Layla and Tamina Snuka against Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Eve Torres, with her team coming out victorious.

On July 18, Kaitlyn appeared on the new look NXT program portraying a heel character in a singles loss to Tamina Snuka. On the August 8 edition of NXT, the villainous Kaitlyn teamed with Caylee Turner in a losing effort to Tamina and Paige.

On the August 10 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn asked and was given a job from SmackDown General Manager Booker T as his assistant, but was afterwards put in a match against an angry Eve in which the winner would be awarded the job. Her feud with Eve continued on the August 13 episode of Raw when she teamed with Layla in a winning effort against Eve and Beth Phoenix. That same week on the August 17 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn was unsuccessful against Eve in singles competition to become SmackDown Assistant General Manager to Booker T. Three days later on Raw, Kaitlyn won a Diva battle royal to become number one contender to the Divas Championship. On the September 3 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn was defeated by Eve with Layla and The Miz on commentary. The next week on the September 10 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn teamed with Layla and Eve in a six-Diva tag team match where they defeated Beth Phoenix, Natalya, and Alicia Fox, and afterwards Eve would hug both Layla and Kaitlyn and raise their arms in victory, leaving them confused. At the Night of Champions pay-per-view, Kaitlyn was attacked by a masked figure injuring Kaitlyn's ankle, therefore being forced to forfeit her title shot with Layla to Eve. On September 17, it was announced that Kaitlyn had a torn tendon (kayfabe), and would be out of in-ring action for several weeks.

She returned on the September 24 episode of Raw stating that the Diva that attacked her at the Night of Champions pay-per-view was blonde, leading to Beth Phoenix becoming the suspected attacker. She then made her in-ring return on September 30 SmackDown live tour in Abilene, Texas in singles competition against Natalya. On the October 8 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn had her first Divas Championship match against Eve in a losing effort via submission, and was afterwards saved by Layla from Eve who attempted to re-injure her. Two nights later, Kaitlyn returned to NXT and displayed her villainous character by teaming with Alicia Fox in a losing effort to Paige and Audrey Marie. On the October 22 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn confronted Eve about her attacker, revealing it to be Aksana, who was e-mailed by Eve to attack Kaitlyn at Night of Champions, and ended in a brawl also involving Layla. This would lead to a tag team match on the October 26 episode of SmackDown with Kaitlyn teaming with Layla in a losing effort to Eve and Aksana after Layla accidentally kicked Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn received another shot for the Divas Championship at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, but was again defeated by Eve in a triple threat match, also involving Layla. On the November 6 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn teamed with Layla in a tag team match against Eve and Aksana in a winning effort after Kaitlyn pinned Eve. The following week on the November 12 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn defeated Layla in singles competition to become the number one contender for the Divas Championship against Eve at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. The same week on the November 16 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn competed in a six-Diva tag team match along with Layla and ex-rival Natalya in a winning effort against Eve, Aksana, and Alicia Fox with Kaitlyn pinning Fox. At Survivor Series, Kaitlyn was again attacked from behind by Aksana, and went on to face Eve for the Divas Championship, but was unsuccessful in retrieving the title. Kaitlyn would get her revenge on Aksana the following night on the November 19 episode of Raw and the December 14 episode of SmackDown defeating her in singles competition. At the TLC pay-per-view, Kaitlyn competed in a number one contender Santa's Little Helpers Diva battle royal to face Eve for the championship, but was unsuccessful in winning the match due to interference from Eve. The following night on the Raw Slammy Awards special, Kaitlyn would defeat Eve in a non-title match. The next night on the December 18 live episode of Super SmackDown, Kaitlyn brawled backstage with old Chickbuster partner AJ, and went on to compete in singles competition for the Divas Championship against Eve in a winning effort via disqualification after Eve tripped the referee to keep the title. On the January 7, 2013 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn would receive another title match against Eve, winning the match via countout after Eve fled the arena.

On the January 14, 2013 special 20th Anniversary episode of Raw, Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres in her hometown of Houston, Texas to win the WWE Divas Championship with the stipulation that if Eve got disqualified or counted-out, Kaitlyn would become the Divas Champion, thus making Kaitlyn the first NXT Diva in history to win the championship.

Kaitlyn would then begin feuding against Tamina Snuka over Kaitlyn's championship after the two Divas had a lumberjill match on the January 28 episode of Raw, which ended in a no-contest after the lumberjills interrupted in the match. On the February 4 episode of Raw, it was announced that Kaitlyn would face Tamina at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view for the Divas Championship, where Kaitlyn successfully retained her championship against Snuka. On the February 22 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn and Layla defeated Aksana and Tamina, and Layla would afterwards tease a heel turn and show jealousy towards Kaitlyn over the championship; also, Kaitlyn would earlier run into Cody Rhodes backstage, where they would have a "moment". On the February 27 episode of Main Event, Kaitlyn would again run into Cody where the two again flirted together, until Sheamus would inadvertently interrupt. On the March 8 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn was defeated by Tamina after Layla unintentionally distracted her; Cody was also watching backstage alongside Damien Sandow, asking for Sandow's opinion on Kaitlyn as a woman. The following week on the March 11 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn and Cody would again be interrupted by Sandow and the returning Bella Twins. Kaitlyn would then call it quits with the "connection" she had with Cody on the March 18 episode of Raw, after she saw him with the Bella Twins.

On the March 25 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn would begin a feud with her former Chickbuster partner AJ Lee after they brawled backstage, and faced each other in singles competition with Kaitlyn losing the match via countout. That same week on the March 29 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn would get her revenge on AJ in a mixed tag team match alongside Daniel Bryan, accompanied by Kane, in a winning effort against AJ and Dolph Ziggler, accompanied by Big E Langston, after Kaitlyn pinned AJ. On the April 22 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn was on commentary during a number one contender Diva battle royal, which was won by rival AJ. On April 29 episode of Raw, after a confrontation with AJ, Ziggler, and Langston backstage, Kaitlyn was given a hat as a gift from a secret admirer, and a bouquet of roses along with a pair of black and red gloves on the May 3 episode of SmackDown. On the May 6 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn received Simpsons toys from her favorite episode as a gift from her secret admirer. At the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Kaitlyn would get into a brawl with AJ once again after AJ called her a pig. On the June 10 episode of Raw, Langston revealed himself as Kaitlyn's secret admirer, before truly revealing it to be a cruel mind game by AJ for "abandoning" her, which would lead to Kaitlyn viciously attacking AJ before their championship match at the Payback pay-per-view, where Kaitlyn was defeated by her former best friend, ending her reign as the fourth-longest Divas Champion in history.

The following night on the June 17 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn and the other Divas interrupted AJ and Stephanie McMahon about winning the title from her and how she broke her before attacking AJ in the ring, who was later saved by Langston.[129] On the June 24 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn emerged victorious against Aksana in singles competition with an attempted distraction by AJ, who was dressed up as Kaitlyn (with a blonde wig and muscle suit), mocking her the night the secret admirer was revealed with the help of Langston. Four days later on the June 28 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn interrputed a match between AJ and Natalya by impersonating AJ, causing Natalya to be victorious, and would afterwards spear AJ. After defeating Alicia Fox in a singles match on the July 1 episode of Raw, AJ would continue to mock Kaitlyn's body by putting up a photoshopped picture, and would cause a distraction on the July 5 episode of SmackDown, causing Kaitlyn to lose her rematch against Alicia Fox, and would chase AJ out of the arena. On the July 8 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn competed in a tag team match alongside Layla against AJ and Alicia Fox to a no contest after Kaitlyn brutally attacked AJ. On the July 12 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn was a part of the first-ever in WWE history public Divas Championship match contract signing for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view along with AJ, which would end in a brawl between the two. At the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Kaitlyn was again unsuccessful in retrieving the Divas championship due to an elbow injury.

Kaitlyn would make her return on the July 26 episode of SmackDown interrupting AJ's rage on Ziggler, and delivering a spear to AJ, leading to a match between the two on the July 29 episode of Raw, with Kaitlyn emerging victorious. In her hometown of Houston, Texas, Kaitlyn competed for the Divas Championship against AJ on the August 2 episode of SmackDown in a losing effort after Layla turned villainous by betraying Kaitlyn and protecting AJ. On the August 5 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn would compete against the evil Layla in singles competition, but would be distracted by AJ, causing Kaitlyn to lose the match, and would later that night attack AJ during Ziggler and Langston's match, costing Ziggler his match as well. Four days later on the August 9 episode of SmackDown, Kaitlyn, along with Ziggler, would interrupt AJ and Langston's interview with The Miz on MizTV, resulting with The Miz announcing a mixed tag team match with Kaitlyn teaming up with Ziggler against AJ and Langston at the SummerSlam pay-per-view, and ending with Kaitlyn and Ziggler succeeding in a failed attack from AJ and Langston. At SummerSlam, Kaitlyn and Ziggler emerged victorious in their mixed tag team match against AJ and Langston, thus ending their feud.

After over a month hiatus from WWE television, Kaitlyn made her return on the September 23 episode of Raw backstage in a "WWE App Exclusive" stating that she's back and stronger than ever, and that she just needed some time to herself after finally ending things with her former best friend AJ Lee. She made her in-ring return on the October 11th edition of Superstars, but was defeated by Tamina Snuka. On the October 13th edition of Smackdown, she, Eva Marie, and Natalya teamed up in a losing effort against Brie Bella and the Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi.

At Survivor Series, Kaitlyn participated in a seven-on-seven survivor series elimination tag team match as her team took on the cast of Total Divas. Kaitlyn managed two eliminations before she was eliminated, with her team ultimately losing the match. On January 8, 2014, Kaitlyn decided to terminate her contract with WWE. Her final match aired that same night on Main Event, where she lost to AJ.

On July 11, 2018, WWE announced she that Kaitlyn would make her return to the company for the first time in four and half years as one of the participants to compete in the 2018 Mae Young Classic tournament. On August 8, in her first match back, Kaitlyn defeated Kavita Devi in the first round match, but she was eliminated the following day, on August 9, in the second round by Mia Yim.

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